Express Valet understands that our valets create the first impression for your customers, clients, or guests. No matter your event, big or small, Express Valet can offer personalized parking services tailored to fit your event.

Valet Services

If you are in need of valet services, we provide your event with everything necessary to ensure your guests have no other worries upon their arrival then driving to your door, leaving their vehicle with confidence, and having a great time.

Before your event takes place, Express Valet will meet with you to assess the layout of your location. Express Valet feels that being prepared well ahead of time and being prepared for everything will ensure a congestion free process during your guests' arrival and departure.

On the date of your event we arrive early to create a designated area that will be clearly marked with appropriate signage or safety traffic markers. We will also establish a car exit and entry area that is convenient to your guests.

We will provide your event with a complete staff of professionally trained, courteous, and well-groomed valet attendants that know how to treat your guests appropriately. We know that handing a valet a key to someone’s personal vehicle is a delicate process. At Express Valet, our valet attendants will do everything to assure our customers with our professionalism and attention to detail.

We Provide Services To:

· Convention Centers and Conferences

· Weddings

· Concert Events and Music Festivals

· Sport Events and Tournaments

· Private Parties

· Art Centers

· Restaurants

· Night Clubs

· Golf and Country Clubs

· Corporate Events and Fundraisers

· Weddings and Receptions

· Graduations

· Funerals

· Family Reunions

· Open Houses

· Hospitals & Healthcare Facilities

Golf Cart Shuttle Service

This is a great way to solve parking issues with off-site parking that is more than a comfortable walk away. Over the years we have done many unique events which have required off-site parking and a golf cart shuttle.

We will manage the parking area and shuttle your guests in limo-style golf carts. The golf carts come in 6-8 passenger configurations and add a dimension to your event that may not have been discussed before.

Traffic Control Management

In addition to valet services, Express Valet also offers Traffic Control Management for a variety of large events where the consistent flow of traffic is not only necessary, it’s critical.

Express Valet is available to meet with you well ahead of time to assess the parking locations that are available to guests on the date of the event.

We can provide your event with the proper safety equipment and an alert and professional staff. This will ensure a consistent and organized movement of event goers that only need guidance as to where to park their car.

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